Reince Announces GOP Retreat

A group of 13 RNC members, essentially operating under the control of party Chairman Reince Priebus, will choose the timing, location and media partners of the 2015-2016 Republican primary debates. They will insist that conservative panelists join moderators from the mainstream media.

Additionally, instead of the 20 primary debates Republican presidential candidates participated in back in 2012, the GOP’s new plan for 2016 has candidates participating in only “6 to 10” primary debates.

So it appears the new GOP primary plan is to cut back on candidate exposure time, cherry pick only guaranteed friendly-to-conservatism media channels and rig the panelists in such a way that the faux-narratives of the far right, as taught and reinforced hourly by Fox and affiliated friends, are equally represented alongside of reality-based questioners.

Yeah, that’s gonna help.

What I found chuckle-worthy in the Politico piece explaining the new primary plans for Republican presidential candidates in 2016 is the lingering ‘we got cheated last time’ whining.

Because of last cycle’s circus-like atmosphere, and because of suspicions of liberal bias, some Republican constituents would like to ice out mainstream media journalists altogether.

“The people running the debates need to be Republicans,” said Georgia GOP Chairman John Padgett.

You see,  to base conservatives, presidential primary debates aren’t supposed to be about, you know, candidates answering questions. Primary debates should just be another tightly controlled GOP advertisement.

There’s no teevee network even close to Fox when it comes to cheerleading for the GOP. It is now common knowledge that Fox is simply, and only, the communications arm of the GOP. And yet, even the communications arm of the GOP was criticized by the Reince Preibus 2016 primary team.

Fox News forcing the candidates to raise their hands if they’d agree to a $1 tax increase if it meant $10 in spending cuts also bothered a lot of people on the right.

I think it is obvious what the Preibus-led GOP is worried about…..and it isn’t the primary venues, or the number of primaries, or the moderators, or the questions.

It’s the party, itself. And it is only the GOP party leaders who, apparently, are oblivious to that fact.
GOP honchos point to Mitt Romney’s “self-deportation” comment in one of the 2012 GOP primaries as an example of how the eventual candidate was “damaged” for the general election. But was it the debate question about immigration that was the problem…..or Romney’s answer?
It was Romney’s answer. The problem with Romney’s “self deportation” answer in 2012 was that it exposed the GOP’s resistance to comprehensive immigration reform which includes a pathway to citizenship.
The same is true of the “one dollar of tax for ten dollars in spending cuts” debate question? The problem was not the question……the problem was exposing all GOP candidates as slaves to Grover Norquist’s and the Koch Brothers “no tax increases, ever” ideology. Republicans don’t want the harsh ideology they stand for to be talked about so openly in front of national audiences. That’s the problem.
Along with this….
“Any speech you give nowadays to the grass roots, there’s no bigger applause line than when you say, ‘This time around, we’re going to have something to say about the moderators and debate partners,’” Priebus said in an interview. “People go wild!”
Again, because a majority of Americans disagree with conservative and GOP policies, Republican candidates see themselves as victims of corporate media people. ElRushbo has been on a victimhood tear lately whining about how liberals and drive-bys are always criticizing right wingers for being racist, sexist, homophobic, haters, etc. Playing the victim card is a feature within conservative circles.
And so the GOP’s answer to being victimized all the time by lamestream media personnel equipped with nothing but gotcha questions for Republican primary candidates is to insist on friendlier questioners.
What Republican leaders are actually doing in all of this new and improved primary posturing……is retreating. One third to one half fewer GOP primaries equals less national exposure. Rigging the panel of questioners equals fewer answers to tough questions. That’s backpedaling…..not advancing.
Conservative policies are proven failures. GOP candidates for president have been less than top shelf contenders. Nationally, the GOP is at it’s lowest approval numbers in recent memory.
Now is the time for the Party of Lincoln to fight…..not retreat. To change, to reform itself. Instead, it appears as though the GOP will retreat to a “hide in plain sight” bunkered primary plan to shield their weak candidates and their unpopular policies.
The problem Republicans are experiencing has nothing to do with their candidates or their voters being victimized by media, or Democrats. The problem is themselves…..and they know it.
That’s why they are in retreat.




One thought on “Reince Announces GOP Retreat

  1. Every day, fewer and fewer Americans are hood-winked by conservative propaganda. They lost traction with the ACA when millions attained coverage. They lost traction on the IRS faux scandal when it turned out that, oops! More liberal groups than conservative were under scrutiny. Every phony, trumped-up mud slinging meets the same fate when cleansed in the cool, pure water of the truth.

    What’s the difference, now, why are people wising up? I really think you can’t over-state the presence of John Stewart and Stephen Colbert. They really have shifted the political landscape for anyone under thirty, and probably for many over as well. It’s really tough to be a conservative these days, when ALL your policies are ridiculed and dismantled every single night on national television. Sure, the old codgers with their ears pressed to Rush and Sean and the rest of hate radio might still cling to their nonsense, but they’re dying off pretty fast.

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