Obama Must Be Sacrificed For Bush Evil

Sometimes I am of the opinion that the crazy we’ve seen directed at Barack Obama these past five years is actually a hangover effect from the George W. Bush presidency. Bear with me.

Republican George W. Bush left office with a 22% approval rating. Twenty two percent. Yes, Bush’s presidency was an unmitigated disaster. Republicans even thought Bush was a disaster.

Bush turning out to be a disaster in the Oval office made conservatives and Republicans very angry. Karl Rove, Bush’s Brain, had predicted a permanent Republican government with the Supreme Court decision to put Schrub in the White House in 2000.

But Bush turned out to be President Numbnutz, just like Babs Bush tried to warn us, and Rove’s “permanent GOP majority” evaporated in thin air much like the notion that Saddam had WMD.

To absorb their disappointment, and rage, defeated and dejected Republicans and conservatives immediately chose the new President Obama to blame all their Bush disappointments on.

One prime example of what I call transference is seen in comparing the reactions to two separate 9-11 events. The real 9-11-2001 which happened inside the U.S. during Bush’s first year in office and killed nearly 3000 Americans…..and 9-11-2012 which happened during Obama’s presidency but in the war torn country of Libya where 4 Americans were killed.

One of those two “security failures” has been blamed on the president in office at the time……complete with a conspiratorial cover-up which required multiple congressional investigations and now a kangaroo Select House Committee, perhaps followed by articles of impeachment. One of those “security failures” was not blamed on the president in office at the time…at all. You figure out which is which.

Further, I firmly believe that all the accusations directed at Obama by Republicans about alleged lying……”you didn’t build that”, “you can keep your insurance”, “not one smidgeon of corruption”, etc…..is some psychotic transference oddity by conservatives to, perhaps, assuage their disappointment and guilt over the deceptive, dishonest, and doublespeak Bush presidency.

In this must read article reviewing a Frontline program, we are reminded of this glacier-sized lie brazenly spoken by Bush to the American people….

“Nothing has changed, by the way. When we’re talking about chasing down terrorists, we’re talking about getting a court order before we do so.” And: “It’s important for our fellow citizens to understand constitutional guarantees are in place when it comes to doing what is necessary to protect our homeland because we value the Constitution.”

I remember watching that Bush clip. I knew he was lying then. I don’t remember any Republicans calling what Bush said that day a lie. Even today, conservatives defend what Bush said that day as being truthful. They defend former President Bush while simultaneously bashing the current president for illegally spying on Americans through the NSA “Program” that Bush began illegally and in secret.

The May 13th PBS “Frontline” documents that on 4 October 2001, President George W. Bush signed a secret authorization for the NSA to see the “metadata” (the to-whom, and from-whom) records for all phone calls, and also “a lot of content of phone calls. They’re actually recording the voices — not for all of our calls, but for a lot of U.S. telephone calls.”

As I’ve blogged for years…..Bush/Cheney lit fire to the 4th amendment less than a month after 9-11….and they lit fire to the 4th, as Johnny Cash would sing, ‘just to watch it burn.’

But wait……..there’s more….from a 2007 court case involving Quest Communications CEO Joseph Naccio….we now know that the Bushies started implementing their communications hoovering program BEFORE 9-11.

From court documents, Nacchio…..”claimed in court documents that he had been sentenced to prison because he had decided in February 2001, just a month after George W. Bush entered the White House, that he could not authorize his company to participate in warrantless wiretaps of Americans because such wiretaps would be illegal.”

From a lawsuit in the case…..A lawsuit “claims that in February 2001, just days before agency officials met with Qwest officials, the N.S.A. met with AT&T officials to discuss replicating a network center in Bedminster, N.J., to give the agency access to all the global phone and e-mail traffic that ran through it.”

Once you put all the puzzle pieces together…..it is not a stretch to call what happened following Bush’s selection by the Supreme Court in the fall of 2000….as a coup. The U.S.A…..as we were repeatedly told after the Towers fell…..would never be the same again. And it isn’t.

The spying on Americans, the ignoring of “hair on fire”, “red lights blinking” warnings, the pre-9-11 plan to invade Iraq, the torture, our new pre-emptive war doctrine, Guantanomo, indefinite detention, ….all the rest of it…..followed the Inauguration of a Supreme Court pick to the presidency. Yet, the truth of all these evil actions by the Bush/Cheney administration have never been fully explained to the American people.

Other than the choreographed ‘9-11 Commission’ whitewash, I don’t recall any Republicans calling for any investigations into any of those evil deeds during Bush.

And so that leaves us with Republicans placing all the blame for Bush evils on President Obama. The all-but-destroyed economy, the totalitarian evil of NSA hoovering all U.S. communications without probable cause, the alleged loss of “freedom” during the “tyrannical” Obama presidency,…..but most of all the alleged Obama lying.

Because the Bush/Cheney administration deceived, misled, dissembled and just flat out lied SO MUCH……the only way for conservatives and Republicans to assuage their guilt feelings over such a traitorous and treasonous GOP administration…the only way to put Bush out of their memories….was to transfer all their disappointment and guilt and rage….to a guy who really deserved it….Democratic President Barack Obama.





3 thoughts on “Obama Must Be Sacrificed For Bush Evil

  1. Bush was a bad President. Obama is a bad President.

    The author writes, “One of those two “security failures” has been blamed on the president in office at the time……complete with a conspiratorial cover-up which required multiple congressional investigations”.

    Completely wrong. BOTH of those “security failures” were blamed on the President in office at the time. BOTH were the subject of investigations. All kinds of crazy 9/11 conspiracy theories were hatched post 9/11, including some claiming Bush engineered the whole thing. This blog author must have been asleep during those years to believe otherwise. His partisan screed falls flat on it’s face.

    • Did elected Democrats band together to blame Bush for the 9-11 attack? Did Democrats convene 26 separate committee hearings on 9-11? Did they? Conspiracy theories are always being spun. But tell me, when did Democrats convene multiple committee hearings to air their 9-11 conspiracy theories?

  2. Bush spoke in error by mistake. Obama speaks in error on purpose. Probably the most dishonest man to hold the office. Supplicants like this so-called reverend would defend him no matter what.

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