Why Kasich Doesn’t Deserve A Second Term

Ohio GOP Governor John Kasich is up for re-election this November and will be running against Democrat, Ed Fitzgerald, Cuyahoga County Executive. I encourage everyone to cast their ballots for Fitzgerald .

Here are three reasons why Kasich doesn’t deserve another term.

1) SB5

Yes, the Republican battle to destroy public unions and collective bargaining rights  in the Buckeye State has subsided for now…..but not before Governor Kasich took his best shot. It took a backhand to Kasich’s jaw from a 60-40% referendum vote to overturn SB5 to turn back Kasich’s battleplan to degrade public service and public worker pay and benefits in the state.

SB5 has been Kasich’s biggest eff-up of his term as governor…..but what Kasich often brags about as his biggest accomplishment…..balancing Ohio’s state government budget, was accomplished by slashing the public school budgets in all 88 counties of the state……and is the 2nd reason why Kasich doesn’t deserve another term.

In my local school district, the amount that Kasich’s budget balancing act stripped out of that budget….is the same amount local school district officials are trying to replace with a new levy. Kasich brags still about balancing that budget…..while dozens of school districts all over the state are struggling to keep their doors open because of the very budget slashing Kasich orchestrated. By balancing the budget in the manner that GOP Governor Kasich did……property tax paying Ohioans were furthered burdened with the choice of higher property taxes or degraded public school systems.

What makes the hollowing out of Ohio’s public school budgets that much worse…..has been Governor Kasich’s obsession with reducing state income and estate taxes. Kasich is a die-hard supply-sider who still mistakenly believes that giving more breaks to state multi-millionaires stimulates economic growth. In effect, what Kasich has done is redistribute public school budget dollars to wealthy state citizens. This at a time of record breaking income inequality favoring the 1%.

The 3rd reason Ohio voters should send Kasich packing is our state governor’s speech recently at The “Sheldon Adelson Primary.” Here are a few embarrassing highlights….

One Las Vegas writer who attended the “Adelson Primary” described Kasich’s 30 minute speech in front of Adelson with these words…..sucked up most directly and obviously to Adelson.”

As you read the following excerpts from GOP Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s lickspittle talk in front of a billionaire casino mogul…..ask yourself this one question…..would you humiliate yourself, and the state you allegedly serve, with embarrassing ass-kissing stuff like this……

“Sheldon and I were kind of talking about his background. I come from a little town outside of Pittsburgh; it’s called McKees Rocks. It was very blue collar, and to be honest with you, I’d never met a Republican until I left McKees Rocks and went to Ohio State.”….

“Say Sheldon and I own a restaurant together – this would be an impossibility – but let’s just say he and I owned a restaurant together, and we had no customers. So I call him up and say, ‘Hey Sheldon, I’ve got the answer … let’s raise our prices!'”In fact we had to cut our prices.”….

“What’s happened is people in the ‘90s, doctors started prescribing drugs — and Sheldon is someone who knows about this — in order to deal with the problem of pain management.”….

“So in Ohio, we’re no longer a flyover, Sheldon. We want you to come. We want you to invest, and we want you to get to know us because Ohio really is the heart of it all. And it’s the place of miracles. Just think about the University of Dayton in the Elite 8.”…..

“Hey, listen, Sheldon, thanks for inviting me. And I want to thank all of you for giving me a chance to come here to speak. I don’t travel to these things much, but this was one that I thought was really, really important. God bless you for what you do.”

How comfortable are you with slobbery like that from your state’s governor? Where’s the dignity that Ohio deserves from it’s governor? Could any Ohio citizen read what Kasich slobbered all over one billionaire and come away with an increased sense of pride in the state?

I have no idea why Kasich attended the Adelson Primary. John Kasich will never become president of the United States….and probably won’t even run. Which makes Kasich’s sucking up to one billionaire appear even worse.

But by attending, and speaking, Kasich has given Ohio voters positive evidence of why they should not hand him another term.

Personally, I can’t stand the humiliation associated with such a lickspittle.


5 thoughts on “Why Kasich Doesn’t Deserve A Second Term

  1. Another one-sided article from this author. I will stop reading this blog if this continues, and it appears I am the only reader here. Kasich’s accomplishments were completely ignored by this guy. A quick reminder for balance:


    – More Jobs: Ohio has gone from 47th in private sector job creation to among the top 10 states in the nation, having created 238,200 private sector jobs since Gov. Kasich took office.
    – Ohioans’ Wages are on the Rise: Ohio incomes are growing twice as fast as the national rate.
    – Ohio’s Labor Market is Growing: The number of Ohioans with a job or looking for one has increased over the past 12 months, reflecting increased strength and confidence in Ohio’s economy. This contrasts with the national level, where the size of the labor force decreased during the same period because many Americans have simply given up hope of finding a job.
    – Ohio’s Housing Market Is Stronger: Ohio’s housing market is reflecting our state’s strengthening economy and is experiencing its 29th straight month of year-over-year growth—an all-time record—and home values were up more than five percent in 2013.
    – Unemployment Rolls are Dropping: In 2013, fewer Ohioans filed unemployment claims than any year since 2000. Since 2011, the number of unemployed Ohioans has dropped more than 20 percent (Ohio’s unemployment rate is well below the national average]

    This blog writer suffers from selective myopia. He/she sees a few things not to like, and jettisons everything else. In addition to balancing the budget and lowering taxes, Kasich’s above accomplishments alone merit re-election. I have nothing against Kasich’s opponent Ed Fitzgerald, but Kasich’s tenure should be put into perspective. As I commented before, it appears this blogger’s only goal is to trash Republicans, not to report anything accurately.

    P.S. – Dear blog writer, why would it be a bad thing if the billionaire Sheldon Adelson brought some of his money, businesses, and jobs to Ohio, which is what Kasich was trying to accomplish ? I was completely baffled by your reaction on that score. Are you against jobs in Ohio, or what ?

    • Sorry if you don’t find Kasich’s offensive lickspittle performance in front of Adelson off putting or disgusting. Many Ohioans do.

      The blog was entitled “why Kasich doesn’t deserve another term”….you obviously thin he does deserve another term.

      But could you explain what Kasich actually did that helped create those economic numbers you claim are because of Kasich? The numbers you cite are similar in most states recovering from the Wall Street disaster.

    • Odd comment. The Beacon rarely prints an article from left of center authors, let alone an authentic liberal one. Oh, by the way, were you proud of the Republican Kasich and his humiliating servicing of Sheldon Adelson’s ego? Make you proud to be a Republican, did it?

  2. That lap-dog trip to Vegas was proof positive of Kasich’s willingness to do or say whatever it takes to put Ohio in his rear-view mirror. While I applaud his family values and his respect for faith, that stinking casino money sure made him drop to his knees, didn’t it? Wonder if he came right out and promised to outlaw on-line gambling (Adelson’s deal-breaker demand) in return for, oh, a hundred, hundred and a half million bucks in campaign cash?

    And let’s never forget that Kasich plotted with his buddies in Ohio’s Grand Oil Party to pass the sweetest of sweetheart fracking severance taxes, lowest in the known universe and so full of loopholes that HALF of all wells are exempt. Billy “Just Make It Out To Cash” Batchelder pretended to “tax” fracking at one-eighth the going rate so Kasich could ride into town like a good sheriff and claim to RAISE the tax… except at under three percent it still make Ohio eighth out of eight states with fracking. And people actually swallow that nonsense. Corporate welfare. They write the laws, they hire the legislature, they rape the state, they sell off the assets to Europe and Asia, and we get just a slight fraction more than squat.

    Best statehouse money can buy.

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