Scandal-In-A-Box…..VA Edition

If you have been paying attention, you know that the conservative munchkins are once again creating a frenzy of Obama-scandal without any solid evidence. For those interested in finding out about what Republicans are calling Obama’s new Veterans Administration scandal…..I encourage you to read this AP summation.

Conservatives appearing on all “news” programs are calling for Obama to fire General Shinseki, current director of the VA……all before anything concretely is known about whether there actually is something scandalous for which Shinseki should be fired.

If you recall, Shirley Sherrod faced the same pressure a few years ago when cleverly edited video of Ms. Sherrod left the impression that the Agriculture Department official was promoting racism in her job. President Obama and AG Sec. Vilsack knee-jerked Shirley Sherrod out of her job before the truth was known, basing the firing on the edited and bogus video promoted on Breitbart and then, Fox.

After learning they were punked by conservative punks, Obama and Vilsack quickly backtracked and tried to re-instate Sherrod.

Something similar may be going on in the alleged VA waiting-list scandal. As of today, the charges that the VA is covering up for some huge scandalous scheme to deny veteran’s healthcare come from only one source…..

Dr. Samuel Foote, a former clinic director for the VA in Phoenix, started sending letters to the VA Office of Inspector General in December, complaining about systematic problems with delays in care.

Foote, who retired after spending nearly 25 years with the VA, later took his claims to the media, then to Republican Rep. Jeff Miller, chairman of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, who announced the allegations at an April hearing.

Foote says up to 40 veterans may have died while awaiting treatment at the Phoenix hospital and that staff, at the instruction of administrators, kept a secret list of patients waiting for appointments to hide delays in care. He believes administrators kept the off-the-books list to impress their bosses and get bonuses.

What you may not know about this alleged whistleblower…..

Some also question the motives of Foote and the others making accusations. One employee, who first raised the concerns publicly a few weeks ago, was fired last year and has a pending wrongful termination lawsuit against the hospital. Before he retired, Foote was reprimanded repeatedly for taking off nearly every Friday, according to internal emails he provided the AP.

What about those in charge at the Phoenix VA Hospital?

Phoenix administrators vehemently deny the allegations. The VA has so far found no evidence to substantiate the claims after an internal probe.

The Phoenix hospital’s director, Sharon Helman, scoffed at the notion that she would direct staff to create a secret list and watch patients die in order to pad her pockets. Helman has been placed on leave while the Inspector General’s Office investigates. She has been provided with police protection after receiving numerous death threats.

All of the alleged Obama scandals…..Sherrod, Fast & Furious, IRS, Benghazi and now the VA have something in common. Before investigation into the facts even begins, a clusterfreak, a blizzard of echo-chambered, conservative faux-outrage has already traveled miles in misleading the American people. The building momentum of the blizzard of bunk compels ALL media to pay attention to all the noise……because, with all that blizzard of noise from conservative media….there simply MUST be something to the story.

When all media pay attention to the noise….a full-fledged faux scandal is born.

But as we move forward in another chapter of faux-outrage and yarn-spinning, it’s important for folks to know what happened in Congress just a few short months ago….

Senate Republicans stopped Democrats from advancing a bill that would have expanded healthcare and education programs for veterans.


The same Republicans who are today lambasting Obama for…well…doing something bad by not firing VA head, Gen.Shinseki before he knows the facts…..blocked a bill from moving forward on February 27, 2014 that would have “expanded healthcare and education programs for veterans.”

I congratulate President Obama for not buying into the blizzard of bullshite this time around.
But “liberal” “journalists” like Dana Milbank, for only one example….think Obama is acting passively…..
This would be a good time for Obama to knock heads and to get in front of the story. But, frustratingly, he’s playing President Passive, insisting on waiting for the VA’s inspector general to complete yet another investigation, this one looking into the Phoenix deaths.
See? Milbank, a guy that the conservative media machine loves to label a “liberal”, wants Obama to DO SOMETHING RIGHT NOW…..”get in front of the story”…..just like when he pre-maturely fired Shirley Sherrod before he knew the facts of the matter.
And that’s from the “liberal” media.
Obama…..“It is important that our veterans don’t become another political football.”
Sherrod, ATF officers, career IRS employees, the deaths of 4 Americans in Libya….have all become political footballs for anti-Obama forces to kick around as political playthings.
The worse thing Obama could do right now is fire Shinseki before the President knows the facts about another alleged scandal.




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