If You’ve Seen The Father….

Israel  is a rogue nation. American leaders pretend that is not the case, but that may be because America is also a rogue nation. Birds with similar nuclear-stock piles of feathers, and who worship the same Father-god, flock together, so to speak.

This morning’s news reports inform that the Palestinian death toll resulting from hundreds of Israeli airstrikes in Gaza is now 120. Israeli death toll so far? Zero.

Just as America’s main media misled Americans before our military viciously attacked the non-threatening nation of Iraq….just as main media misled, and continues to mislead, over our complicity in the slaughter of eastern Ukrainians….so too our exceptional media is misleading over Israel’s brutal attack in Gaza.

Few Americans really care about the slaughter of Muslim women and children….because as Justice Alito has recently educated us, America is a Christisn nation built by and for the pleasure and enjoyment of Christians. In America there is a strict separation of church and state……which now means that Christian churches, and sincere Christian business owners are joined at the hip with the U.S. government and kept separate from all other religion/state alliances. 

But as I consider Israel’s most recent demonstration of spreading and maintaining freedom in the Occupied Muslim Territory of Gaza, and read about the Israeli Iron Dome anti-missile system and the success god’s chosen are reporting….I am reminded of the New Testament quote….”If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father.”

Allow me to explain. The U.S. is without doubt the most warring and violent nation on earth. We enjoy calling our country’s habit of killing, maiming and blowing other non-Christian people’s stuff up “self-defense”….as does Israel. 

As do Israeli leaders, U.S. leaders tell their citizens that the reason slaughtering Muslims is necessary is on account of freedom. Propaganda is like that.



Just as the Father deemed it necessary to invade and militarily occupy the scary, medeival country of Afghanistan to test out all our new strategies and weaponry on the live subjects of Afghan Muslims for 13 years….so too the Son must, every few years, test out it’s new fangled military devices on Muslims living across the border.

Call it beta testing, call it whatever…..but keep in mind that absent a real-life test on, you know, human subjects, it’s just so difficult to know whether the Father and Son’s new killing machinery will work as designed.

In the case of the U.S…..drones and counterterrorism strategies needed testing. In Afghanistan and Iraq and, and, and…..the U.S. has given all that new frreedom-spreading stuff a good long trial run. 

In the case of Israel, at least according to Israeli-American media, the Iron Dome anti-missile system also seems to be testing out quite nicely. Though Hamas has launched hundreds of crude mortars into the Promised Land, none have resulted in Israeli casualties. 

When you recognize that the Father nation….the U.S…..supplies the Son nation with most of this new and improved killing stuff….. (all of it produced by flush defense contractors, $3 billion per year of which comes from U.S. tax dollars)….my Father and Son analogy doesn’t seem that far fetched.

Just as the U. S. can never be “safe” until all the world’s other countries bend the knee to our dominance….so too Israel can never be “safe” until all neighboring Muslim countries bend the knee to Israel’s god-ordained dominance of the middle east.

It would seem, with the Supreme Court Christian Awakening Movement foundation securely in place, and with any negative words spoken against Israel strictly forbidden in America…..that the long awaited 

father and son reunion at the Great White Throne of Earthly Judgement has commenced.


Often in our society we hear about Judeo-Christian traditions and how valuable and important those eternal values are. 

But what stands out as the most prominent of these values? 

The violent killing of humans who don’t fully appreciate our Judeo-Christian values.

What some non-approved, non-corporate, writers have been suggesting is that Israel’s recent attack on the unworthy Gazans is for the purpose of creating a new rift between the Fatah group and Hamas. Israel will never agree to a two state solution because that is not the will of the Judeo-Christian god. Hamas and Fatah have united in solidarity for the purpose of reaching a peaceful two state solution.

But Israel does not want a two state solution, so god’s chosen nation must do what it can to keep the Muslim groups in the  Occupied Territories divided. That way Israeli leaders can continue blaming the Palestinians for any failure to reach a solution.

Provoking Hamas to launch their crude mortars into Israeli territory is how Israel is seeking to disrupt any notions that a two-state solution can be attained. ‘Why, just look at those Muslim monsters, we told you all they want is the destruction of Israel. Just look at how bloodthirsty they are.’

Besides providing an opportunity to test out their new Beyond Thunderdome shield system, Israel, as it did a few short years ago, is also taking the opportunity to launch airstrikes into the territories claiming self defense.

All in all, it would appear that everything in the Father-Son kingdom here on earth is as it should be.  

At least that’s the consensus of the Very Serious….and tell me, when have the Very Serious ever been wrong about anything?






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