Maniacs in the House

The GOP-controlled House passed a $20 billion measure Wednesday that would slash budgets for enforcing tax laws and new financial regulations, and a healthy food initiative that’s a pet cause of first lady Michelle Obama.

The House passed the bill on a nearly party-line, 228-195, vote.

Many folks who still have the capacity to think for themselves have watched the House Maniacs in their bizarre attempt to muster up an IRS scandal where none exists. Now we can better understand why. House Republicans never really cared about Lois Lerner. She was simply a prop in the House GOP Maniacs plan to degrade the abilities of the IRS to 1) enforce duly enacted laws and 2) collect taxes.

Think of the IRS non-scandal theater as the Bundy Ranch standoff, without the military weaponry. If you need a political party to represent you in Washington, a political party that will help you in your plans to avoid paying taxes…..then, the GOP is your party.

Three points here.

One, Republicans, daily, whine out loud about our terrible, awful, unsustainable, blah-blah, deficits and debt. The way to pay down debt and deficits is to take in more tax revenue. But House Republicans just voted to cut the ability of the IRS to collect tax revenues. That is how Serious House Republicans are about reducing the national debt and deficits.

It has been demonstrated that the IRS collection and enforcement division collects 6 dollars in tax revenue for every one dollar Congress appropriates for that division. Normal thinking folks would think that is a good thing. But not Republicans in the House. So they voted to cut funding for such an efficient government agency.

Why would Republicans vote to handcuff the IRS in their ability to collect tax revenues? Because the GOP, despite their braying about national debt, doesn’t care one whit about the debt or the deficit…and never has. The GOP Creed now includes loyalty to the nihilist conservative plan to reduce the size of the federal government to the point where it would fit into a bathtub…..where Republicans can, then, drown it to death. Don’t believe me…..Google Grover Norquist.

By reducing the ability of the IRS to collect due taxes, Republicans make it easier for their rich-sponsors to avoid paying their fair share. Lois Lerner has been a very helpful prop in that endeavor. The GOP’s elementary school version of a national “scandal” over something, something that the IRS tax exempt division allegedly did wrong provided the cover for corporate sponsored members in Congress to push for a less muscular IRS. Hey oligarchs….the GOP has your back.

Two, and this one, frankly, pisses me off. House Maniacs have been after the Dodd-Frank law before Obama’s signature dried on the bill. Dodd-Frank, as weak as it was, did provide some safeguards and protections meant to avert another Wall Street inspired national economic meltdown. So, what did the Maniacs include in the House last Wednesday? Provisions to slash funding for Dodd-Frank provisions….which includes…if you can believe it….reducing regulations on financial derivatives.

For those who have forgotten. The 2008 financial industry collapse was attributable to the shadowy mortgage derivative marketplace. House Republicans, by their vote, are telling Americans that they prefer risking another Great Recession instead of protecting We the People from the meatgrinder of a less-regulated Wall Street.

You see, conservative views of economics depend on the ability of the rich-few to game the system. The destructive nature of capitalism, to conservatives, is a good thing. It enables the rich to “play” off of the disasters they create. National financial disasters where losses are socialized but not profits.That is why Republicans voted to slash funding for Dodd-Frank. That is why Republicans in the House voted Wednesday to allow for the possibility of a future national financial crisis situation for the oligarchs on Wall Street to “play” off of.

If it sounds to you like House Republicans are little more than street-whores for the one percent criminals who rule over us…’re hearing is working just fine.

The good news is that the House bill, in it’s voted on form, will never be signed into law. But again, the House bill demonstrates the mindset of the Party of the 1%. National debt and deficit too high? Create more opportunities for the rich-few to avoid paying taxes. Wall Street criminals blow up the national economy because they were allowed to “self-regulate”? Make it easier for Disaster Capitalists to do it again in the near future.

These folks say they are “representatives” of the people. What they are is criminal accomplices.





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