With all the excitement over Republicans successfully stealing a Supreme Court seat and the even more exciting news that Trump ordered an unlawful missile attack into Homs, Syria….the March job report has not received much attention.

A reminder of what Sean Spicer said about the last jobs report…White House press secretary Sean Spicer claimed without evidence Friday that the jobs figures “may have been phony in the past, but it’s very real now.” 

Are they still “real”?

In the third employment report of Donald J. Trump’s young presidency, the economy gained just 98,000 jobs in March, lower than the 180,000 expected. It’s also down markedly from gains of 219,000 in February and 216,000 in January. 

The new March jobs number came in at almost half of what “experts” expected. And there’s also this….

The economy added just 98,000 jobs last month, far below expectations, and the January and February jobs number were revised downward by 38,000.

I’ve looked….Sean Spicer didn’t have any clever things to say about the March jobs report. Perhaps the Bureau of Labor has also been infiltrated by “deep state” Obama-bots…but only in between the February jobs report and the March jobs report. Congress should probably, you know, investigate.

The NY Times reports that the White House response to the March jobs number has been…”muted”.

The response from the White House, which crowed last month after more than 200,000 jobs were produced in Mr. Trump’s first full month in office, was muted Friday. 

Gary D. Cohn, the former Goldman Sachs executive who is director of the White House’s National Economic Council, emphasized the decline in the unemployment rate. “When you look at the jobs report as a whole, I think there’s an awful lot of good news in here,” he told Fox Business Network. Congressional Democrats took a dimmer view.


Meanwhile, about that strongman-Trump-ordered missile attack on a Syrian airfield….

(Sec. of State Rex) Tillerson said the strike took out about 20 percent of the seventh wing of the Syrian air force and hit a fueling facility. The base’s runway was still in use.

And how much did Trump’s impulsive action cost U.S. taxpayers?

Fifty-nine tomahawk missiles launched from an aircraft carrier hit their target. At $1.59 million a piece, the attack cost the Defense Department $93,810,000. 

Yet, there’s still no change in the Trump administration’s strategy towards the Syrian conflict.

Should Trump’s impulsive action become the norm…..shoot first, figure out some strategy later, or not at all….then “war president”-loving media will have much praiseworthy material to write about in the future.

The problem with America’s alleged outrage over the sarin-gas incident in Syria this week…..is that the outrage is selective. Jihad attacks have become a politicized-weapon to use, selectively of course, to encourage specific action, usually involving bombing. Yes, those Syrian infants provoked empathy…as well as outrage…however, where is the blanket-coverage, the outrage, the gruesome images, the calls to bomb…something, over the slaughter, also this week, of these 20 darker-skinned women…

At least 20 people – mostly women – traveling in a minibus were killed after a roadside bomb exploded in Lower Shabelle in southern Somalia on Thursday (6 April). 

A neutral observer might think that even America’s outrage over mass killings has a racist element to it. Are those 20 dead black Somalian women’s lives worth less than those lighter-skinned Syrian casualties?


A few readers have found my new location….so, I’ll continue to monitor traffic flow.

I thank Ohio.com for hosting my blog for….over nine years. I’ve written thousands of posts for them, all advertiser-supported, and without ever asking for, or receiving, a penny. I don’t especially appreciate not being given prior notice of being shut down….but that’s just the way the professionals do things.


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