White Nationalists Blame Non-White Victim

MSNBC said on Tuesday that it was “working hard to confirm” that a 69-year-old passenger who was dragged from a United Airlines flight had a “run-ins with the law,” although it was not immediately clear why a criminal history would be relevant to the current case.

“We are now getting several tabloid reports which we are working hard to confirm,” NBC’s Tom Costello told MSNBC host Ali Velshi. “This man is in fact a 69-year-old doctor from Kentucky who himself has had run-ins with the law.”

I heard Rush Limbaugh today also railing on the victim of United Airlines abuse of it’s pre-paid passengers. Most likely, the lily white fat man who lies on a radio program for 3 hours five days a week enjoyed verbally abusing the victim…because the victim was not lily white. Just how the white-nationalist rolls.

But seriously, what do past “run ins with the law” have to do with dragging a paid customer, blood trickling from his face, down the aisle and out the door of an OVERBOOKED United flight? Did the victim overbook the fucking flight?

Even the best of us white boys have smatterings of racial thoughts running around in our heads. You may disagree…but it’s still true. Yet, the white boys at MSNBC….are “working hard” to “confirm” those “run ins” in the passenger’s past….and my question is…why? What’s the objective?

I’ve watched MSNBC adjust it’s lineup to more closely resemble the fair and balanced liars at rival Fox. But is it actually necessary for MSNBC to promote white nationalism because Trump and his devoted followers believe in a whites-only America?

Why would MSNBC seek to justify United Airlines for their self-made clusterfuck by looking to blame a victim of that clusterfuck? What’s to be gained? What’s the point?

Rush talked about how the victim was “belligerent”. Who the hell could blame him for being belligerent?

Tell me what you think. If you are not aware of the news story….go here.


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