Blog of Mass Destruction

Sean Spicer is not the dimmest bulb in the package…he’s the bulb in the package that doesn’t work when you screw the sucker in. Spicer made more negative-news for his boss yesterday by suggesting that Hitler wasn’t even as evil as Basher al-Assad on account of Hitler didn’t even gas his own people! Now, Soicer has apologized, but he was only following his boss’ lead….

Here is what Donald told Fox’s Maria Bartiromo in a pre-taped interview which aired today….

“….I mean even some of the worst tyrants in the world didn’t use the kind of gases that they used. And some of the gases are unbelievably potent.”

Spicer, in his ridiculous statement yesterday, simply embellished what Trump was already saying, by adding the name of Hitler.

Today, however, Sean Spicer let another cat out of the bag…

“I needed to make sure that I…was not in any way shape or form any more of a distraction from the President’s decisive action in Syria and the attempts that he’s making to destabilize the region and root out ISIS out of Syria,” Spicer said.

Trump is “making attempts…to destabilize the region”. According to the guy who speaks for the president, Donald ordered the launching of 59 Tomahawks into a small military airbase in northern Syria… help “destabilize the region”. That is much bigger news than Spicer’s Hitler comment yesterday.

At this juncture, it looks like Trump has had his mind changed about regime change in Syria. Trump says he won’t telegraph what he will do…and so, it is possible he is prepared to further “destabilize” an already unstable Syria en route to regime changing Assad. Democrats are complaining that Trump has offered no strategic plan to deal with Syria…but, perhaps, Trump’s non-telegraphing approach, combined with mixed-signal statements by Tillerson about the future of Assad….is a misdirection ploy. Maybe Trump’s plan is regime changing Assad.

Also of interest today is this from former Colin Powell deputy, Lawrence Wilkerson…

“I personally think the provocation was a Tonkin Gulf incident….. Most of my sources are telling me, including members of the team that monitors global chemical weapons –including people in Syria, including people in the US Intelligence Community–that what most likely happened …was that they hit a warehouse that they had intended to hit…and this warehouse was alleged to have to ISIS supplies in it, and… some of those supplies were precursors for chemicals….. conventional bombs hit the warehouse, and due to a strong wind, and the explosive power of the bombs, they dispersed these ingredients and killed some people.”

And, here’s what Vlad Putin had to say….

“You all know that the Syrian government has repeatedly asked the international community to come and inspect the sites where the rebels used chemical weapons. But they always ignored those requests. The only time the international community has responded, was to this last incident. So, what do I think?

“I think we can figure out what’s going on by just using a little common sense. The Syrian army was winning the war, in some places they had the rebels completely surrounded. For them to throw it all away and give their trump card to the people who have been calling for regime change is, frankly, a crock of shit.”.

Hard to argue with Putin’s logic there. More later.


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