Wheels. Coming. Off


Just when it couldn’t possibly get any crazier….it does. It’s now become so bizarre that over at TPM they are keeping a running list of elected Republicans now bailing on their own party’s presidential nominee. Currently at 11…just in the last 24 hours.

Look at this from the RNC….

The Republican National Committee offered another troubling sign, as they appeared on Saturday to at least temporarily halt the operations of some of the “Victory” program that is devoted to electing Trump. In an email from the RNC to a victory program mail vendor, with the subject line “Hold on all projects,” the committee asked the vendor to “put a hold” on mail production.

Something miraculous, you see, has taken place. The scales covering the eyes and ears of many conservatives and Republicans have begun to fall away. It’s truly magical to observe. Of course, when you consider that those scales were placed there intentionally by those conservatives and Republicans…so as to not see or hear anything crude or vulgar coming out of the mouth of their party’s presidential nominee…..I don’t know…it just doesn’t feel so magical, does it?

Lots of calls from GOP’ers for Trump to drop out. Think about that. We’re 31 days away from November 8th….and today a crescendo of Republican voices can be heard calling for their own party’s nominee to drop out. That’s something that, you know, doesn’t often happen.

So, Donald says he’s in til the end, not dropping out….

He called reporters at the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post to insist he is remaining in the race. “I never, ever give up,” Trump told the Journal, denying any kind of crisis. “The support I’m getting is unbelievable, because Hillary Clinton is a horribly flawed candidate.” Asked about his crude language, Trump replied, “People get it. They get life.”

That’s okay Don….no, people don’t get it…because they don’t get the “life” of a silver-spooned, billionaire asshole who thinks his moronic teevee series made him a “star” who could “do anything” he wants to whomever he wants to do it to. No people don’t get that…because most people are better than that. But that’s okay Don….please, don’t give up.

Here’s one leading GOP Senator who thinks he has found an escape hatch for his quickly disintegrating political party….

Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), the third ranking Republican in the Senate, on Saturday became the latest GOP official to call on Trump to withdraw.

Mike Pence should be our nominee effective immediately,” Thune tweeted.

Again, think about that. Republicans paraded in front of cameras for the last couple of months boasting about how many votes Trump received in the primaries. Why, no GOP candidate ever, ever, ever…received more primary votes than the Donald. Republicans have droned on about supporting Trump because so many of their party’s voters voted for him.

And it’s not like those voters didn’t know that Trump was a crude and rude misogynistic asshole when they cast their votes for him. That’s WHY they voted for him. Because he IS a non-politically correct, authoritarian, sexist, racist, asshole.

But just like that….one short audio clip…and John Thune, and several others, are calling for Pence to replace Trump as the GOP nominee. What that would mean is that the GOP presidential nominee would have been chosen by one voter….Donald, himself. No one voted for Pence in the primaries. Pence didn’t run for the nomination. Donald ran, and won, the GOP primary by a wide margin…and then Trump, alone, chose Pence.

What about those GOP primary voters…Mr. Thune? Do you believe in the democratic process…or not?

Doesn’t matter…Trump’s not dropping out…and no one can force him out…so Thune and his replace-Trump-with-Pence buddies are just pissing in the wind.

But I must say…as I type this…the death spiral the GOP has found themselves in with Trump…is picking up speed. Trump says he’s going to go all-in with the Clenis stuff tomorrow night at the debate, even though numerous elected Republicans warned him not to go there. Should be interesting to see how Donald goes about browbeating the wife of a former president for her husband’s infidelity, and especially when Trump talked so flippantly about cheating on Melania with a married woman. But, we’ll see. Could be explosive.

The only problem…and I so hate mentioning it….is the cleanup. Who will have a big enough broom to sweep up the shattered remains of the former Party of Lincoln after Donald finishes smashing it to bits tomorrow night?


Maniacs in the House

The GOP-controlled House passed a $20 billion measure Wednesday that would slash budgets for enforcing tax laws and new financial regulations, and a healthy food initiative that’s a pet cause of first lady Michelle Obama.

The House passed the bill on a nearly party-line, 228-195, vote. http://abcnews.go.com/Health/wireStory/house-passes-22b-bill-cutting-irs-tax-enforcement-24588513

Many folks who still have the capacity to think for themselves have watched the House Maniacs in their bizarre attempt to muster up an IRS scandal where none exists. Now we can better understand why. House Republicans never really cared about Lois Lerner. She was simply a prop in the House GOP Maniacs plan to degrade the abilities of the IRS to 1) enforce duly enacted laws and 2) collect taxes.

Think of the IRS non-scandal theater as the Bundy Ranch standoff, without the military weaponry. If you need a political party to represent you in Washington, a political party that will help you in your plans to avoid paying taxes…..then, the GOP is your party.

Three points here.

One, Republicans, daily, whine out loud about our terrible, awful, unsustainable, blah-blah, deficits and debt. The way to pay down debt and deficits is to take in more tax revenue. But House Republicans just voted to cut the ability of the IRS to collect tax revenues. That is how Serious House Republicans are about reducing the national debt and deficits.

It has been demonstrated that the IRS collection and enforcement division collects 6 dollars in tax revenue for every one dollar Congress appropriates for that division. Normal thinking folks would think that is a good thing. But not Republicans in the House. So they voted to cut funding for such an efficient government agency.

Why would Republicans vote to handcuff the IRS in their ability to collect tax revenues? Because the GOP, despite their braying about national debt, doesn’t care one whit about the debt or the deficit…and never has. The GOP Creed now includes loyalty to the nihilist conservative plan to reduce the size of the federal government to the point where it would fit into a bathtub…..where Republicans can, then, drown it to death. Don’t believe me…..Google Grover Norquist.

By reducing the ability of the IRS to collect due taxes, Republicans make it easier for their rich-sponsors to avoid paying their fair share. Lois Lerner has been a very helpful prop in that endeavor. The GOP’s elementary school version of a national “scandal” over something, something that the IRS tax exempt division allegedly did wrong provided the cover for corporate sponsored members in Congress to push for a less muscular IRS. Hey oligarchs….the GOP has your back.

Two, and this one, frankly, pisses me off. House Maniacs have been after the Dodd-Frank law before Obama’s signature dried on the bill. Dodd-Frank, as weak as it was, did provide some safeguards and protections meant to avert another Wall Street inspired national economic meltdown. So, what did the Maniacs include in the House last Wednesday? Provisions to slash funding for Dodd-Frank provisions….which includes…if you can believe it….reducing regulations on financial derivatives.

For those who have forgotten. The 2008 financial industry collapse was attributable to the shadowy mortgage derivative marketplace. House Republicans, by their vote, are telling Americans that they prefer risking another Great Recession instead of protecting We the People from the meatgrinder of a less-regulated Wall Street.

You see, conservative views of economics depend on the ability of the rich-few to game the system. The destructive nature of capitalism, to conservatives, is a good thing. It enables the rich to “play” off of the disasters they create. National financial disasters where losses are socialized but not profits.That is why Republicans voted to slash funding for Dodd-Frank. That is why Republicans in the House voted Wednesday to allow for the possibility of a future national financial crisis situation for the oligarchs on Wall Street to “play” off of.

If it sounds to you like House Republicans are little more than street-whores for the one percent criminals who rule over us…..you’re hearing is working just fine.

The good news is that the House bill, in it’s voted on form, will never be signed into law. But again, the House bill demonstrates the mindset of the Party of the 1%. National debt and deficit too high? Create more opportunities for the rich-few to avoid paying taxes. Wall Street criminals blow up the national economy because they were allowed to “self-regulate”? Make it easier for Disaster Capitalists to do it again in the near future.

These folks say they are “representatives” of the people. What they are is criminal accomplices.




If You’ve Seen The Father….

Israel  is a rogue nation. American leaders pretend that is not the case, but that may be because America is also a rogue nation. Birds with similar nuclear-stock piles of feathers, and who worship the same Father-god, flock together, so to speak.

This morning’s news reports inform that the Palestinian death toll resulting from hundreds of Israeli airstrikes in Gaza is now 120. Israeli death toll so far? Zero.

Just as America’s main media misled Americans before our military viciously attacked the non-threatening nation of Iraq….just as main media misled, and continues to mislead, over our complicity in the slaughter of eastern Ukrainians….so too our exceptional media is misleading over Israel’s brutal attack in Gaza.

Few Americans really care about the slaughter of Muslim women and children….because as Justice Alito has recently educated us, America is a Christisn nation built by and for the pleasure and enjoyment of Christians. In America there is a strict separation of church and state……which now means that Christian churches, and sincere Christian business owners are joined at the hip with the U.S. government and kept separate from all other religion/state alliances. 

But as I consider Israel’s most recent demonstration of spreading and maintaining freedom in the Occupied Muslim Territory of Gaza, and read about the Israeli Iron Dome anti-missile system and the success god’s chosen are reporting….I am reminded of the New Testament quote….”If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father.”

Allow me to explain. The U.S. is without doubt the most warring and violent nation on earth. We enjoy calling our country’s habit of killing, maiming and blowing other non-Christian people’s stuff up “self-defense”….as does Israel. 

As do Israeli leaders, U.S. leaders tell their citizens that the reason slaughtering Muslims is necessary is on account of freedom. Propaganda is like that.



Just as the Father deemed it necessary to invade and militarily occupy the scary, medeival country of Afghanistan to test out all our new strategies and weaponry on the live subjects of Afghan Muslims for 13 years….so too the Son must, every few years, test out it’s new fangled military devices on Muslims living across the border.

Call it beta testing, call it whatever…..but keep in mind that absent a real-life test on, you know, human subjects, it’s just so difficult to know whether the Father and Son’s new killing machinery will work as designed.

In the case of the U.S…..drones and counterterrorism strategies needed testing. In Afghanistan and Iraq and, and, and…..the U.S. has given all that new frreedom-spreading stuff a good long trial run. 

In the case of Israel, at least according to Israeli-American media, the Iron Dome anti-missile system also seems to be testing out quite nicely. Though Hamas has launched hundreds of crude mortars into the Promised Land, none have resulted in Israeli casualties. 

When you recognize that the Father nation….the U.S…..supplies the Son nation with most of this new and improved killing stuff….. (all of it produced by flush defense contractors, $3 billion per year of which comes from U.S. tax dollars)….my Father and Son analogy doesn’t seem that far fetched.

Just as the U. S. can never be “safe” until all the world’s other countries bend the knee to our dominance….so too Israel can never be “safe” until all neighboring Muslim countries bend the knee to Israel’s god-ordained dominance of the middle east.

It would seem, with the Supreme Court Christian Awakening Movement foundation securely in place, and with any negative words spoken against Israel strictly forbidden in America…..that the long awaited 

father and son reunion at the Great White Throne of Earthly Judgement has commenced.


Often in our society we hear about Judeo-Christian traditions and how valuable and important those eternal values are. 

But what stands out as the most prominent of these values? 

The violent killing of humans who don’t fully appreciate our Judeo-Christian values.

What some non-approved, non-corporate, writers have been suggesting is that Israel’s recent attack on the unworthy Gazans is for the purpose of creating a new rift between the Fatah group and Hamas. Israel will never agree to a two state solution because that is not the will of the Judeo-Christian god. Hamas and Fatah have united in solidarity for the purpose of reaching a peaceful two state solution.

But Israel does not want a two state solution, so god’s chosen nation must do what it can to keep the Muslim groups in the  Occupied Territories divided. That way Israeli leaders can continue blaming the Palestinians for any failure to reach a solution.

Provoking Hamas to launch their crude mortars into Israeli territory is how Israel is seeking to disrupt any notions that a two-state solution can be attained. ‘Why, just look at those Muslim monsters, we told you all they want is the destruction of Israel. Just look at how bloodthirsty they are.’

Besides providing an opportunity to test out their new Beyond Thunderdome shield system, Israel, as it did a few short years ago, is also taking the opportunity to launch airstrikes into the territories claiming self defense.

All in all, it would appear that everything in the Father-Son kingdom here on earth is as it should be.  

At least that’s the consensus of the Very Serious….and tell me, when have the Very Serious ever been wrong about anything?





Religious Freedom Just Went Corporate

I was wrong in my prediction. There was no deal amongst Republican Justices and more Democratic Justices. But I was correct in predicting a “splitting-the-baby” ruling possibility. John Roberts and his conservative wrecking crew are very careful in their incrementalist approach to moving our oligarchy-nation closer to a fascist-oligarchy one.

The rush of “religious conscience”, for-profit companies to a federal court near you will now commence. The Roberts Court has, literally, opened a can of worms.

Incremental religious fascism is what I will call the ruling. You think I’m exaggerating? Go read it yourself. It’s argle-bargle on steroids.

“In these cases, the owners of three closely held for profit corporations have sincere Christian beliefs that life begins at conception and that it would violate their religion to facilitate access to contraceptive drugs or devices that operate after that point.”

Read that again slowly. The Court has made a determination that Hobby Lobby, and others, “have sincere Christian beliefs.” I wonder how that sincerity evaluation was made, don’t you? And how similar determinations will be made in the future, as well as what factors will be used to exclude any for-profit company owner’s from claiming “religious objection.” Will a tribunal of priests, rabbis and pastors make that determination in the future. Or are the secular Justices, mostly Catholic, qualified to operate as our new National Priestly Tribunal. Time will tell.

Chief Justice Roberts has been working a shrewdly calculated incremental game to hand over national control of political campaigns to the wildly-wealthy few……with more soon to come….most likely through the vehicle of Scott Walker’s blatant lawlessness. With today’s Hobby Lobby ruling, the Activist Roberts Court, which can’t even spell the word “precedent”, let alone give deference to it, has proven to the American people that they will do whatever it takes to hollow out the Bill of Rights as long as the outcome favors the desires of libertarians and conservatives.

The Conservative Activist Court fig leafed their Hobby Lobby ruling with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993. According to the ruling, The RFRA, whose name suggests that religious Americans are somehow, somewhere having their religious freedom taken away from them, prohibits….

“Government (from) substantially burdening a person’s exercise of religion even if the burden results from a rule of general applicability” unless the Government “demonstrates that application of the burden to the person, (1) is in furtherance of a compelling governmental interest; and (2) is the least restrictive means of compelling that governmental interest.”

The sly conservative Court agreed government met (1)’s burden in the Hobby Lobby contraceptive case, but not (2). In effect, the Court told the legislative branch of the United States government ‘yes, we agree you have a compelling governmental interest in mandating contraception coverage through Obamacare provisions…..but the way Obamacare was written in regard to this compelling interest was not the “least restrictive means” that the legislative branch could come up with to protect for-profit religious conscience employers.

How should Congress go about finding those “least restrictive means?” The Court, conveniently, doesn’t say. Instead, the five Justices argue that…“There are other ways in which Congress or HHS could equally insure that every woman has cost free access to the particular contraceptives at issue here and, indeed, to all FDA approved contraceptives.”

But then the argle begins to bargle, so to speak…..“HHS has provided no reason why the same system (the one which exempts non-profit, religious entities from compliance) cannot be made available when the owners of for-profit corporations have similar religious objections.”

That means that “closely held” for-profit, non-religious businesses have the right to be treated the same way churches, religious institutions, and not-for-profit religious business owners are treated……with special opt-out religious exemptions to law.

The Court tried to pre-emptively shoot down any criticism of it’s ruling by suggesting that the ruling did not apply to stuff like “blood transfusions” and other surgeries, procedures or prescriptions which might offend owners of any for-profit, closely held, not-religious business owner or owners…..but that begs the question….Why not? Wouldn’t the Court be willing to issue a similar ruling favoring “conscientious” Jehovah’s Witness business owners claiming exemption from ACA mandates to cover blood transfusions? And if not…..why not?

Furthermore, the Activist Roberts Court suggests that today’s ruling doesn’t apply to large, publicly held business owners. Why the discrimination? Can’t CEO’s and corporate board members of the largest shareholders of Fortune 500 businesses, which the Court has already ruled are, you know, a person…..have a religious conscience that is capable of being offended? What, precisely, is the distinction?

In a cynically disturbing bit of irony here…..today’s ruling, in essence, states that ‘hey, Obama has already made exemptions for certain religious groups, etc…..so there’s no reason why he can’t offer even more concessions to “conscientious objectors.” Obama’s good faith gesture in bending over backwards making allowances for a variety of religious and tangentially religious entities is met by 5 cravenly cynical Justices with ‘you can do more.’

Regardless of the angle of today’s argle-bargle ruling, the net result does not compute. Corporations, by definition, do not have consciences. Human beings have consciences, at least some do. Corporations, closely held or not, are not persons. Corporations are tools humans with consciences use to avoid personal responsibility. And yet, the net result of today’s ruling allows for corporate “persons” with “consciences” to overrule any employees right to not be subjected to the religious practices of their employers.

Libertarians and religionists may be hive-fiving today, declaring victory for “religious liberty.” But, in reality world, albeit undoubtedly, you know, “sincere”, the Court has taken one more incremental step towards a form of pseudo-religious corporate fascism.


Give Them Something To Talk About

Even faithful liberals like Kevin Drum at Mother Jones think President Obama bungled the prisoner swap for Sgt. Bergdahl…..

I exchanged some emails with a friend about Obama’s seemingly tone deaf handling of the Bergdahl case, and one of the things he said is this: “My read is he is getting bored and detached after being so boxed in and hammered. He sounds like he is starting to check out. I think the staff is getting demoralized and are just not caring too much since they know it’s going to get hit one way or the other.”

Obama has always had a certain amount of contempt for the modern media and its endless Politico-style pursuit of shiny objects designed to “win the morning.” Ditto for the parochial nature of congressional politics and the insane tea-party style of no-compromise governing adopted by the modern Republican Party.

Was Obama’s handling of the prisoner swap “seemingly tone deaf?” Is Obama, worn down by the ridiculousness of our nation’s profit-seeking media, just checking out early? Doesn’t Obama even care anymore?

I have followed the Bergdahl story closely…..and I have a different explanation.

Those who read here are capable of thinking for themselves, otherwise…..you wouldn’t be reading here. So, think along with me….

First: Did Obama realize beforehand that GOP opponents and the Wurlitzer would break the faux-outrage volume control over the prisoner swap deal? Of course he did. Republicans briefed on the matter for over two years never hid their intentions of going full-metal-jacket-apeshite should Obama make a swap deal without their approval. Point being…..Obama anticipated this week’s media insanity. Therefore, any talk suggesting that Obama was taken flatfooted, or by surprise, by the level and tone of the crazed reaction to Bergdahl’s release is just crazy, stupid talk…..proving that corporate media and anti-Obama right wingers take their audiences for total fools.

Second: In a corollary to the above……do you think that when Obama sent Susan Rice to last week’s Sunday “news” shows to represent the White House in answering questions about the prisoner swap deal that the president had, somehow, forgotten that Rice has been constantly vilified by the usual suspects…..for her answers to questions on Sunday shows after Benghazi? Of course not. One can disagree with Obama about stuff but few would argue that Obama is a complete and utter moron.

So, no, I don’t see any Obama flat-footed stumble…..or Susan Rice obliviousness in any of it. Here’s what I see….

Obama, whether one likes it or not, is winding down our combat involvement in Afghanistan and has spoken recently about rescinding the AUMF. The president has also recently reiterated his policy to close the embarrassing offshore gulag at Guantanamo. Republicans oppose both of those efforts.

With that in mind, I regard Obama’s prisoner swap announcement as Obama calling his political opponents bluff. Put another way….in a, you know, less civil way…..Obama’s announcement of the prisoner swap was actually Obama symbolically flipping his political opponents the bird. Not a flat-footed stumble…..but a defiant dare.

And Republicans, as Obama had calculated, took that dare……and responded just as Obama expected they would. Like reactionary baboons on meth. It was another teaching moment from the professorial president. The nauseating stench of the winger and media response, far from being a surprise to Obama, was fully anticipated. My view is that Obama wanted the American public to experience, again, the totally unhinged “thinking” of the GOP, this time over how Republicans regard U.S. POWs and closing Gitmo….and the GOP didn’t disappoint.

Having said all that, I really have to hand it to Obama for sending Susan Rice out to the Sunday shows last weekend to represent the White House’s perspective on the prisoner swap. That was a move after the old Reverend’s heart. Far from being tone deaf in sending Rice, Obama deliberately chose Rice…..and with the full expectation that those meth-infused baboons I mentioned above would see red and start flinging their own poo-poo around. Again, the baboons didn’t disappoint. Benghazi, Bergdahl….Baboons…..see?, they all start with a B.

In other words, Obama got the response he was after.

Looking forward now, what Obama needs to do as CIC is unilaterally close Gitmo. Don’t wait for the approval of drug-addicted baboons…..they’re drug addicted….just close it. Guantanamo is not part of the U.S. That’s why Dick and George opened it in the first place…..so that U.S. laws wouldn’t apply there. Congress did not approve the opening of Gitmo, Obama shouldn’t wait for congressional approval to close it.

Bonnie Raitt sings a song called “Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About.” Great tune, great voice. In light of media and conservative reaction to the Bergdahl deal, Obama should stick his chin out, close Gitmo, transfer detainees as he sees fit in his role as CIC,……and really give those political meth-loving baboons* something to talk about.

*No real baboons were harmed in the production of this blog post.


Like Blind Pigs Searching For Acorns

Deja vu is the sense of having experienced something before. Deja vu has a French origination and literally means “already seen.”

I’ve already experienced, already seen, what Republicans are doing to Democratic President Obama. Conservatism changes not…..and neither do Republicans when confronted with a Democrat in the White House. There are few relevant differences between how the GOP, and corporate media, have treated the Obama presidency and how they treated the Clinton presidency.

In the 90’s Republicans ran multiple unrelated investigations into Bill Clinton. Other than the constant sound of the Mighty Right Wing Wurlitzer……nothing came of any of the investigations. At least not until a blue dress was discovered unwashed and $80 million more tax dollars were torched in a failed effort to remove Clinton from the office he was elected to twice.

Blind pigs do stumble upon the occasional acorn…..and today’s Republicans, as they stumble from one blind Obama-scandal alley to another, are hoping to recapture the magic from those ludicrous Lewinsky days. Fast and Furious, the birth certificate, Solyndra, New Black Panthers, healthcare.guv, IRS, Benghazi, and the latest….a prisoner swap. That is not an exhaustive list either. Go here for an anti-Obama scandal list which lists 25 separate and distinct “scandals.”

Impeachment is a political tool for the GOP to use when a Democrat, somehow, steals two presidential elections. Impeachment was, of course, never meant to be abused as a political tool. Republicans don’t care about that….

The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee said Monday there will be hearings on whether the Obama administration broke the law in trading five Guantánamo Bay detainees for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who’d been held by the Taliban for five years.

“My perception is he broke the law by not informing Congress 30 days before,” Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon, R-Calif., said in an appearance on MSNBC, referring to a 2013 law that requires the administration to notify Congress before detainees from the detention camp are released.

As I mentioned yesterday, Obama DID inform Congress over 2 years ago about the plan to swap Taliban prisoners for the only U.S. soldier still held in Afghanistan. McCain and Feinstein and others have admitted that the exchange had been discussed previously.

Whether congressional figures had “concerns” after being informed about swapping prisoners over two years ago doesn’t really matter here. The Obama administration informed Congress about the swap plans.

Whether impeachment articles will be drawn up in the House against President Obama over a prisoner swap all boils down to…..presidential signing statements….

Current law, signed by Obama in December, stipulates that the defense secretary must notify relevant congressional committees at least 30 days before transferring anyone from Guantanamo Bay and provide assurances that those released would not be in a position to again threaten the United States or its interests.

In the signing statement with the law, Obama declared that he thought the requirement was potentially unconstitutional.

“The executive branch must have the flexibility, among other things, to act swiftly in conducting negotiations with foreign countries regarding the circumstances of detainee transfers,” Obama said.

The last president had absolutely no problems with Congress when he signed dozens of signing statements declaring his “unitary executive” presidential powers to conduct issues and matters of war. It is both predictable and outrageous that so many Republicans and conservatives who defended Commander-in-Chief Bush’s unitary powers….to torture, to detain endlessly, to rendition, to eavesdrop on American communications without warrants, to start pre-emptive wars based on fraud……are now prepared to hold costly and lengthy hearing spectacles over presidential signing statements in search of a causus belli to draw up impeachment articles against Obama.

Moving forward on this story, it’s important to be aware of this…..presidential signing statements…..

…..were relatively rare until Ronald Reagan began using signing statements as a means of asserting the power of the executive against the legislative branch.

George W. Bush used signing statements to challenge about 1,200 provisions of 172 laws he signed — twice as many as all his predecessors combined….

But if a Democratic President, in a “time of war”, and in his role as CIC, decides to issue a signing statement over a law in which he feels Congress is infringing on his singular role as CIC……to make a prisoner swap…..then all Wurlitzer hell breaks loose….and an investigation must begin immediately.

If Republicans don’t eventually bring impeachment articles against Obama it won’t be for a lack of trying. Although they have stumbled like blind pigs looking for acorns of impeachment grade…..just as they did with Clinton 20 years ago…..they just might convince enough nearly-blind compatriots that the latest Obama-scandal stone they kicked up is actually an acorn.

Just in case you think I’m exaggerating about GOP plans to bring impeachment articles against Obama for purely political reasons….go read this National Journal piece.

Money quote…..“… that Obama has abused his office, and that actively threatening impeachment is the best way for Congress to reign in the powers of the executive branch.”

See? Impeachment as a political tool.


Open Carry V. NRA

Just recently I mentioned something about the need for “responsible gun owners” to speak out against their fellow gun owning brethren who were flaunting their…..guns….in public places like fast food restaurants and public parks. Well, shiver my timbers….

The NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action released a surprising statement on Friday condemning  Texas gun-rights supporters who have been hosting demonstrations in which they go into restaurants carrying long guns. The demonstrations started getting a lot of attention once Chili’s, Chipotle, Sonic, and Jack in the Box asked patrons to refrain from bringing firearms into their restaurants.


That’s right, the lobbying arm of the NRA denounced the tactics being used by members of Open Carry Texas. Hard to believe isn’t it? The really fun stuff is still to come. But first, here are a few excerpts from the Institute’s statement…..
Let’s not mince words, not only is it rare, it’s downright weird and certainly not a practical way to go normally about your business while being prepared to defend yourself. To those who are not acquainted with the dubious practice of using public displays of firearms as a means to draw attention to oneself or one’s cause, it can be downright scary.  It makes folks who might normally be perfectly open-minded about firearms feel uncomfortable and question the motives of pro-gun advocates……

the freedom and goodwill these businesses had previously extended to gun owners has been curtailed because of the actions of an attention-hungry few who thought only of themselves and not of those who might be affected by their behavior…..

Using guns merely to draw attention to yourself in public not only defies common sense, it shows a lack of consideration and manners.

Congrats to the NRA. They did the right thing, the “responsible gun owner” thing…by speaking plainly. Members of Open Carry Texas…umm….had a different response….
“The more the NRA continues to divide its members by attacking some aspects of gun rights instead of supporting all gun rights, the more support it will lose,” Open Carry Texas said in a statement published Monday on its Facebook page.
A mild warning to the NRA, to be sure….but then OCT brings the fun…
“Already, OCT members are posting pictures of themselves cutting up their life membership cards,” the group said. “If they do not retract their disgusting and disrespectful comments, OCT will have no choice but to withdraw its full support of the NRA and establish relationships with other gun rights organizations that fight for ALL gun rights, instead of just paying them lip service the way the NRA appears to be doing.”
Kind of sounds like a Tea Party representative talking smack about the GOP “establishment”, no? You just gotta love the “lip service” part. The NRA, to their shame, successfully lobbied Senate members after the Sandy Hook massacre of 20 first graders, preventing ANY new gun legislation from moving forward. Open Carry Texas refers to power like that as paying “lip service” to NRA members. That is how radically extreme the Texas open carry movement has become.
I’m not sure whether the NRA’s issuance of their statement last Friday had anything to do with what is happening later this week in Ft. Worth….
This comes as some Republicans heading toward the state GOP convention in Fort Worth later this week plan to carry long guns outside the Fort Worth Convention Center.
Republican Party of Texas Chairman Steve Munisteri released a new statement, letting party members know that “anyone carrying an openly exposed weapon will be asked to do so outside of the building.”
Go read the entire Star Telegram article. There’s talk of “black powder revolvers” and whether they might be exempt from all gun laws. But there’s also this….

Supporters hope to add a plank to the party platform that calls on state lawmakers to legalize open carry or constitutional carry, which would let gun owners carry their weapons without license or regulation.

“All delegates, I urge you to open-carry the whole time,” (Open Carry county coordinator) Watkins has posted on Facebook.


Could be the makings of a really fun time, huh?

When extremism is allowed to flourish, example: Tea Party…..that extremism usually comes back around to bite the ass of the “establishment” that spawned the extremism. Mississippi GOP Senator Thad Cochran will learn that hard lesson today when he will most likely lose his GOP primary to a full metal jacketed winger.

In the same way, the NRA’s defiant fearmongering efforts in the age of a Democratic president are directly responsible for the extremism we now witness within the U.S. gun culture. The GOP spawned the Tea Party. The NRA spawned the open carry groups.

Now both are openly attacking the host from which they were spawned.